Garden Party

Hybrid Patterns $8 + tax

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Full Packet Patterns $40 + tax

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Night Owl 

Curriculum: Kids Can Sew® curriculum has all the instructions and patterns to help children, and teens learn to sew and grow comfortable with the basics of sewing.  The student will learn the basics of how to cut out a pattern, how to read and follow the pattern directions.  After those skills are mastered, students can move on to simple commercial patterns.

Emoji Pattern

Boys/Girls Casuals

Single Packet Patterns $15 + tax

Girls 2nd level

Kids Can Sew Patterns

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Pricing Kids Can Sew Patterns

Full Packets- (1st-3rd level girls, & Casuals) $40+ sales tax

Single Packets- (Night Owl, Garden Party, Emoji) $15 + sales tax

Hybrid Patterns- (Unicorn, Unicorn Mask, Llama, Cactus, Cupcake, Gumball Machine, Hedgehog, and Toadstool) $8 + sales tax

Girls 1st level